Startup tech partner

Solutions Productized

Designed for startups

Resources & Execution

We create a specialised product team exclusively for YOU as your firm scales from product-market fit to product development. With an emphasis on expanding and scaling the product, this team functions as an addition to your internal team.

Top Talent Access

Our talent pools comprise of the top 3% talent in India.
Ready for you to dive right in.

Managed HR

Recruitment, Onboarding, Payroll & Cultural Alignment - all packaged for you can execute faster.

Managed Services

Office & Infrastructure, Equipment, Administration - leave all that to us; so you can focus on growth.

Leadership & Strategy

Experienced leadership can be game-changing for startups.

CXO as a service

Our experts fill the gap in leadership & strategic insight for your founding team.

Fractional allocation

Seasoned experts solving your challenges quicker-means speed and savings.

Strategic planning

With clearly defined deliverables mapped to your business goal.